Tuesday, July 24, 2007

TextHelper revisit

the little things...

The Inflector module in Rails' Active Support library is responsible for the pluralize (as well as singularize, titleize, camelize, etc.) word fun that we all love. But, I often forget about the extra love provided by TextHelper module in ActiveView::Helpers.

I was just about to add a method to my application helper in a recent app that would allow me to pass a count value as well as a string value and get back either a plural or singular form of the word based on the count (using the respective inflector methods). As I started to type out the couple of lines to do this, the light bulb went on. Wait a minute I think Rails already does this for me. Sure enough, fire up the API and there it is in ActionView::Helpers::TextHelpers,
pluralize(count, singular, plural=nil)

In case you haven't looked at the TextHelper module API in a bit, don't forget all the fun stuff that you don't need to re-invent yourself, like: word_wrap, truncate, strip_tags, strip_links, sanitize, highlight, excerpt, etc.

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