Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I posted some cynicism, speculation and first gut reactions when I heard about Chrome earlier today. 

Well I fired up one of my old XP pc's that doesn't get too much action these days and downloaded Chrome. This post is being made on Chrome.

My first 10 minute reactions...

Quick download and install.
  • Nice minimalistic feel.
  • Fast rendering, on a clunky old pc that normally feels pretty slow. Not a very technical benchmark, but call a spade a spade, it is much faster then IE7 on the same machine.
  • Good, modern HTML rendering and CSS support (ala webkit)
  • Open New Tab, shows a most visited sites, with a similar feel to Opera's speed dial.

More to come...once the Linux version is available.

Browser Wars2?

Is it a browser? Is it an OS? Its, its, its Super Google Browser.


Eventually I'll take more time to think about what this means for people like myself creating web based applications. For now, the first thing that comes to mind is please no Browser Wars 2. 

For the sake of all of us that waste so much time, effort and productivity trying to make compliant based html and css look good in each browser, the initial "oh shit another one to worry about" outweighs my initial "oh wow!". 

Some parting concerns...Google is about advertising. Google is about collecting data. A Google OS/Browser thing-a-ma-bob sure has the potential to know an awful lot about me. This is sure to feed fuel to the 'Google is evil', 'Google is big brother' conspiricy fire. 

And finally, a tongue-in-cheek thought...if Fedzilla, in the United States versus Microsoft case accused Microsoft of abusing monopoly power by bundling thier "OS" with their "Browser", and the big "G" now bundles thier "OS" with a "Browser" (Google OS Is Actually a Browser), and they already dominate the search market to boot...hmm